No rest for weary, but for some, overtime pay (maybe)

Throughout much of late 2015 and into early 2016, the US nonprofit sector was abuzz over the Department of Labor’s updates to federal overtime regulations. Online chatter died down during the heat of the presidential campaign, but attempts to circumvent the new rules continued. A cottage industry of sorts has sprung up as consultants and […]

Addendum to Monday’s article about World Vision and organizational narcissism

An opinion piece in the March 31 issue of The Chronicle of Philanthropy confirms that Generous Matters isn’t alone in labeling the faith-based NGO giant World Vision (US) as out of touch with the bulk (or at least the most vocal) of its constituent base. Nor is it just me who sees in the World Vision […]

Lo, an Angel(s) has appeared onto Albert Pujols with tidings of good news and a great contract offer

Baseball superstar Albert Pujols is back in the news (and Generous Matters) as he signs a 10-year, $254 million deal that’s stunned Cardinal fans and set Evangelicals’ tongues wagging (again). After months of speculation, Pujols has traded the squawking of angry Cardinals for the sweet sound of Angels. The folks in Anaheim spotted their star […]

Connecting generosity and the World Series

As my nod to the World Series and the first game win by the St. Louis Cardinals, I point you to a Generous Matters post from March 2011 titled “What Would John Wesley tell Albert Pujols to do?”. It’s a response to concerns by some church folks that Pujols’ quest for bigger bucks could sully […]