A challenge to pastors: embrace the ministry of fundraising

Over the years, I’ve sat through hundreds of prospect review sessions where the giving records of faithful supporters are analyzed down to the dollar. Bumps in giving are cheered, declines worried over, and the next ask planned with care. No one frets that donor files are regularly reviewed by the “right” people. Information is, after […]

Generosity in quotes

“Most of us have heard a sermon or three about generous giving and tithing. It is far more rare to hear messages about dealing with the challenge of living in a society (and at times, a church culture) that treats covetousness as a virtue. It may be rarer still to admit that each one of […]

The juvenilization of Christian philanthropy

Every few months, along comes another diagnosis of what ails the faithful in the United States. The latest is Thomas Bergler’s The Juvinilization of American Christianity – in book form and as a Christianity Today cover story. Since reading the CT piece, I’ve thought a lot about the impact of a “self-centered, emotionally driven, and […]

Lo, an Angel(s) has appeared onto Albert Pujols with tidings of good news and a great contract offer

Baseball superstar Albert Pujols is back in the news (and Generous Matters) as he signs a 10-year, $254 million deal that’s stunned Cardinal fans and set Evangelicals’ tongues wagging (again). After months of speculation, Pujols has traded the squawking of angry Cardinals for the sweet sound of Angels. The folks in Anaheim spotted their star […]

Google says no to God

Or more precisely, Google has said no to organizations that serve in God’s name. So reports the Nonprofit Newswire today and Christianity Today a few days ago. Google made the decision back in March to exclude churches and other faith-based nonprofits from access to free or discounted software and business products. That’s when the company […]

Friday afternoon reflections on another week of generous matters

  For some congregations, giving is on the rebound: That’s what the editorial team behind Third Annual State of the Plate Survey have discovered.  Forty-three percent of the 1,507 churches included in the survey experienced an uptick in giving this past year (up from 36 percent the previous year). Overall, 6 in 10 churches reported giving that was flat or […]