Generosity in other words: examples 1 and 2

Over at Philanthropy 2173, blogger and self-proclaimed “philanthropy wonk” Lucy Bernholz has rolled out her top-ten list of buzzwords for 2011.  She’s up to 9, with the 10th coming in the December 27 issue of Chronicle of Philanthropy. So far, her best of the buzz list includes :  social impact bond; collective impact; storytelling; charitable […]

Friday reflections on another week of Generous Matters

Lose the rubber stamp. Charity Navigator has handed members of nonprofit governing boards yet another reason to up their game. The watchdog group recently revamped its rating system, attaching equal weight to good governance and financial oversight. As reported in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, the folks at Charity Navigator hope the change will “nudge nonprofits […]

Friday afternoon reflections on another week of generous matters

Matching walk to talk – My friend Mark Vincent’s caution about using “Christian” as an adjective isn’t just for business owners. His words have application for fundraisers well. Swap out “fundraiser” for “business” and “donors” for “customers,” and you get the point. I hear “Christian business” and I want (expect) standards to be higher. I suspect most everyone else does as well. […]