Please read this if you are concerned about furloughed federal employees.

As the government shut down here in the U.S. enters a third week, my heart is heavy for individuals and families who are without a paycheck while our elected officials play a crazy game of chicken. A week ago I passed along suggestions for how churches can step into the breach created by the legislative […]

WWJD while the US government is shut down

The weekend before the wise ones in congress chose to shut down the U.S. government rather than compromise, my husband and I were in Fairfax, VA for our 3-year old granddaughter’s birthday party. No surprise that legislative shenanigans dominated conversations. Several of the moms and dads faced the prospect of weeks without a paycheck and […]

Speaking of money in church

The spring issue of Leadership Journal had me with the cover and then continued to reel me in with article after article on two of my favorite topics – money and ministry. I could have done without the tagline, “Funding your ministry without losing your soul.” But I understand the editors’ dilemma. It’s likely the […]

Debtors don’t donors make, unless . . .

It’s commencement season on college and university campuses across America. That wonderful time of year when starry-eyed graduates march into life to the strains of Pomp and Circumstance, diplomas in hand, dreams in their hearts, and a dark cloud of debt over their heads. Sorry for raining on the graduation parade with my mention of […]

Driving the luddites out of the temple

To say that the congregation with which I worship is late to the technological revolution is an understatement. We’ve been one projector short for weeks and no one seems to notice the blank screen on the left. The church’s website is difficult to navigate. Our Facebook page has racked up a grand total of 15 […]

A problem with short-term mission trips

“MDS ends historic 7-year recovery effort in New Orleans.” The headline grabbed my attention as I pulled the latest issue of Mennonite World Review from my mailbox. Skimming the story that followed, I wondered how many readers would be surprised that Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) was just now wrapping up its work along the U.S. Gulf […]