Riding the collaboration bandwagon

Back in 2001, when Thom Jeavons and I, via Growing Givers’ Hearts: Treating Fundraising as Ministry, urged leaders of faith-based nonprofits to collaborate with other ministry organizations, we didn’t have a lot of company on our bandwagon.  But what a difference a decade and a long-time downturn in the economy has made. These days,  just […]

Wile E. Coyote and board recruitment strategies

I recently came across a fantastic apologetic for mixing it up when recruiting new board members — and it’s done without once using the “d” word. Robert Fabricant’s playful references to Wile E.Coyote in communicating serious points about creativity and the importance of diversity (that’s the “d” word of my reference) of perspectives, make for a fun read (to be expected from a firm […]