What if it’s not what you say but how you sit, stand, or twitch?

You’ve summoned up your courage to ask for that big gift. Perhaps you’ve gone so far as to role-play with a colleague your solicitation pitch. At last, you’ve found your fundraising voice and you’re eager to use it. But wait. There’s another “voice” that needs your attention. It’s the one that donors “hear” by observing […]

Explaining a change in plans to campaign donors

“When we launched our campaign back in 2010, the staff position included in the goal made sense. But now that we have the money in hand, not so much. We remain committed to the purposes for the position, but we see there’s a better way to get the work done. How do we explain the […]

Driving the luddites out of the temple

To say that the congregation with which I worship is late to the technological revolution is an understatement. We’ve been one projector short for weeks and no one seems to notice the blank screen on the left. The church’s website is difficult to navigate. Our Facebook page has racked up a grand total of 15 […]

Sows’ ears, apples of gold, and the importance of choosing our words well

Regular readers of Generous Matters know I’m a sucker for a playful turn on a word. Pithy phrases. Meaty metaphors. Clever puns. I collect them. Use them. Savor them. I believe that in the hands of a skillful writer, a sow’s ear can become a silk purse. “A word aptly spoken is like apples of […]