It’s time to vote competition off the island

I love when an idea that’s central in my teaching, writing, and consulting on fundraising is confirmed in the words of a thought leader admired by millions. I beam with satisfaction knowing my message will be amplified many times over by the reach of a significant other — someone like organizational guru and blogger par […]

Finding fundraising as ministry in Luke’s Gospel

A commentary on the Gospel of Luke wasn’t where I expected to find affirmation of a key essential of fundraising as ministry, specifically the importance of maintaining a holistic perspective on kingdom work. (I often refer to this as the no-compete clause in fundraising as ministry.) But then again, I shouldn’t have been surprised. After […]

Symbiotic mutualism and growing givers’ hearts

When fundraising is treated as ministry, organizational leaders don’t worry about the proliferation of good causes to which people can give their time, talent, and treasure. In Kingdom company, there’s no hint of a competitive spirit. In fact, the fast growing community of organizations operating under the banner of Christ is heralded as a benefit. […]

Riding the collaboration bandwagon

Back in 2001, when Thom Jeavons and I, via Growing Givers’ Hearts: Treating Fundraising as Ministry, urged leaders of faith-based nonprofits to collaborate with other ministry organizations, we didn’t have a lot of company on our bandwagon.  But what a difference a decade and a long-time downturn in the economy has made. These days,  just […]