Generosity in quotes: David Brooks

“By assuming that people are selfish, by prioritizing arrangements based on selfishness, we have encouraged selfish frames of mind. Maybe it’s time to upend classical economics and political science. Maybe it’s time to build institutions that harness people’s natural longing to do good.”   David Brooks, political and cultural commentator, from his New York Times column, […]

Transformed for servant leadership

In yesterday’s post, I referred readers to David Brooks’ lovely column titled “Rugged altruism.” Today, I point you to a blog entry from my friend Mark Vincent over at Design Group International where he writes on Romans 12: 1-2 and the connection between transformation through faith in God and the steward leader. Similar to Brooks’ […]

Servant leadership and rugged altruism

Just when I thought servant leaders had gone the way of the dodo bird, three such extraordinary individuals showed up in a David Brooks New York Times column. In this gorgeous piece of writing, he differentiates the “many Americans who go to the developing world to serve others” from “the smaller percentage who actually end […]