Put the focus on thank you, please.

Fundraising maven Pamela Grow has presented her followers with a daring challenge: for one whole year, cease donor acquisition activities. “What if you made 2013 the year of the individual donor and got off the acquisition treadmill, once and for all?” she asks. (Read more here.) I get her point, despite my aversion to either/or […]

Tips for perfecting your thank you

Recent days have brought a flurry of articles through my in-box that praise the power of a simple thank you. An appreciative word is good for business, we’re told. “Thank you” leads to reciprocal generosity. It’s a tough cookie who’s immune to the motivating effects of acknowledgement and thanks, researchers report. The take-away for fundraisers? […]

What part of thank you don’t you understand?

Maybe it was just me, but the just completed end-of-year “gold rush” seemed unusually vociferous, what with the addition of emails, texts, and tweets to the usual direct mail onslaught. Even the stodgiest of charities jumped into the online fundraising waters, panning for riches beside the early adapters. Frantic fundraisers left no method of asking […]