97.8% of the time, lapsed means long gone

Fundraisers in nonprofits large and small devote considerable time and money trying to win back the affection (and gifts) of folks who’ve not shown up for a couple of years or more. And for good reason. The conventional wisdom of our trade tells us that there’s gold in “them thar hills.” Truth be told, I’ve […]

Three keys to donor retention: interest, respect, and trust

For several years now, fundraising consultants and researchers have sounded the alarm about sorry donor retention rates and it seems all the noise has had some effect. Donor attrition has evened out at around 105 donors departing for every 100 new and returning donors added to charitable giving rolls. Hardly the best of news, but […]

Planning for fundraising success on the count of 3

If you’re an über–planner – someone who gets her jollies from churning out lengthy tomes complete with color coded charts and detailed strategies that go on for pages – blessings to you. And if you actually stick to the plan for a full 12 months, double blessings. You are a rare bird indeed. It’s my […]

Donor retention is THE thing

It’s not as though donor retention is a new concept. The who’s who of the fundraising world have been beating that drum hard for several years now, but nothing like what I’m hearing already in 2014. Evidence that the nonprofit sector is losing donors faster than it’s gaining them has added an urgency to a […]

Finder/keeper beats loser/weeper, every time.

It’s been six month since I last wrote a check to a ministry organization that my husband and I had supported faithfully for more than a decade. Our gifts weren’t huge, but they were regular and over time added up to some real money. We gave monthly, like clockwork. 146 gifts in all – I […]

Monday morning development resource mash-up

The skinny on donor attrition. Losing more than you gain is great news to Weight Watchers, but not so much for fundraisers. However, as I reported here, that’s been the headline for America’s nonprofit community seven straight years now. For more on this sorry state of affairs and what development folk can do to turn […]

Turning fundraising losses into gains with the help of old friends

This just in from the Association of Fundraising Professionals: 2011 was a tough year for America’s nonprofit community. That’s the word based on an analysis of fundraising data from 3,184 respondents covering year-to-year fundraising results for 2010 and 2011. According to the 2012 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey: Every $100 gained in 2011 was offset by $100 […]

Forget the stuff, give ‘em information

It started with a post from Oneicity.  Blogger Steve Thomas  claims that major donors stop giving not because they’re mad, but because we don’t give them reasons to do otherwise.  The solution? Right now, before you get into the 4th quarter insanity…help some of your major donors understand the difference they are making. Don’t ask […]