Nonprofit leader, fundraising isn’t your board’s problem.

Just once, I’d love to pick up a report citing CEO support for boards doing what boards were created to do. That is, to govern — preferably well. Better yet, in an exemplary manner. Sadly, the 2012 Governance Survey from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability isn’t it. Despite ECFA’s valiant efforts to steer ministry […]

A five-step cure for boredom in the boardroom

If you ‘re the member of a ministry or other nonprofit board, chances are you know the frustration of a poorly run meeting. You’ve yawned through lengthy staff reports, incomprehensible financial updates, and endless rehashes of perennial crisis issues. But because you believe deeply in the mission of the organization you’ve been called to serve, […]

Don’t make strangers of former board members

For the most part, I agree that term limits for board members are spot on. There’s nothing like the fresh insights, enthusiasm, and connections of  newcomers to board service to jump-start organizational governance. However, there’s a potential downside to the rotation system. It can (and does frequently) make strangers of some of the organization’s best friends.   For a […]

Friday afternoon reflections on another week of generous matters

  For some congregations, giving is on the rebound: That’s what the editorial team behind Third Annual State of the Plate Survey have discovered.  Forty-three percent of the 1,507 churches included in the survey experienced an uptick in giving this past year (up from 36 percent the previous year). Overall, 6 in 10 churches reported giving that was flat or […]