Board self-assessment in three easy questions, but not so easy answers

Over the years, I’ve noticed an odd psychology to board self-assessment. Leadership hopes for a glowing report or, at the least, more praise than criticism. Yet when the outcome is as wanted, there’s grumbling from some around the board table about time and money wasted on a bunch of happy talk. Apparently there’s not much […]

7 mid-August projects for more productive fundraising come fall

August is pretty much a dead zone in the annual fundraising cycle, particularly when it comes to connecting with donors. Which makes this the ideal time to tune up your shop in anticipation of the mad dash to calendar year-end. Tackle the following seven dog-days-of summer spruce-up projects and I promise you’ll experience enhanced fundraising […]

Summer projects to make your fundraising program more productive (part one)

Today’s e-newsletter from This Old House includes a list of summer projects for the weekend DIYer. That got me thinking. What might a summer spruce-up schedule look like for This Old Fundraising Program? Here’s my shot at a list of projects for development DIYers, one for each week between now and Labor Day. The suggested […]