Stewardship education in a Facebook post

“Friends, does anyone use/have success with the envelope system? My husband and I are eager for tips and tricks as we look at new and better ways to steward our money.” Twice this past year, my church’s Stewardship Commission (of which I am a member) offered a faith-based money management course, both times with less […]

Spending boldly at the Pennsylvania Relief Sale

It’s party time for Brethren in Christ and Mennonite folk here in south central Pennsylvania. On Saturday,  a couple thousand of us, along with sundry others, will head to the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg for the annual Pennsylvania Relief Sale. I go for the quilt auction. My husband looks forward to the great food. […]

The 10 percent solution to what ails our country

The long-term impact of declining church attendance is obvious – at least to me. As fewer people find their way into America’s churches, fewer people are giving as an expression of their faith. Empty seats in houses of worship translate almost immediately into fewer dollars contributed to all kinds of charitable causes – both faith-based […]

Reaching Millennials through stewardship evangelism

Here’s a tip for pastors and other congregational leaders eager to attract young adults to the Christian faith. Challenge them with straight talk about money. Sounds crazy, I know, and especially to Boomers who’ve spent a life-time tuning out the teachings of Jesus on the topic. But a new generation of stewardship evangelists are finding […]