This one thing for year-end fundraising success: trust

  TRUST. All the hoop-la and hand-wringing that comes with the “gold rush” at year-end can knock the trust out of even the most faithful of fundraisers. In fact, what with the carrying on that characterizes the season, you may find yourself worrying that you should be worried if you’re not weighed down by worry. […]

Here comes the judge and there goes your overtime

The very day I posted an article here at Generous Matters in which I linked the update in U.S. regulations for overtime pay with Jesus’ command about love of neighbor, a federal judge in Texas issued a preliminary nationwide injunction against the Labor Department’s ruling. With a swipe of his pen, Judge Amos Mazzant III […]

No rest for weary, but for some, overtime pay (maybe)

Throughout much of late 2015 and into early 2016, the US nonprofit sector was abuzz over the Department of Labor’s updates to federal overtime regulations. Online chatter died down during the heat of the presidential campaign, but attempts to circumvent the new rules continued. A cottage industry of sorts has sprung up as consultants and […]

And now for a kick in the ask

If Giving USA and other such reports are believed, this is the best of times for fundraisers and the good causes for which they work. Donors dug deep in 2015 (the most recent year for which giving numbers are available), doling out a whopping $373.25 billion to their favorite causes. Individual donors upped their gifts […]

Just say no to ambulance-chasing fundraising

Along with compassionate folk worldwide, my heart aches for the people of Nepal in the wake of last week-end’s massive earthquake. News reports and photos of devastation compel us to do something, anything, to help make things better. Generosity takes over in the face of such awfulness. Which is exactly what the throngs of humanitarian […]

Make faithfulness and results the choice. Please.

“Aim for faithfulness rather than results!” If this headline from a recent issue of the Focus on Nonprofit Accountability newsletter strikes you as an odd opposition of goods, join the club. As faithful readers of Generous Matters know, when the words on either side of the slash mark are equally desirable, I’m no fan of either/or […]

Four lessons for nonprofit boards from the Alban Institute’s obituary

The April 16 issue of Christian Century magazine reported that the  Alban Institute, a resource to mainline Protestant and other congregations for more than four decades, is closing its doors.  This is sad news for America’s churches and the men and women who lead them. The demise of the Alban Institute is also a cautionary […]

Addendum to Monday’s article about World Vision and organizational narcissism

An opinion piece in the March 31 issue of The Chronicle of Philanthropy confirms that Generous Matters isn’t alone in labeling the faith-based NGO giant World Vision (US) as out of touch with the bulk (or at least the most vocal) of its constituent base. Nor is it just me who sees in the World Vision […]

If the rain falls on the just and the unjust alike, why is my organization still dry?

Have you heard the news? The long drought in giving brought on by the Great Recession is over. Happy days are here again for America’s nonprofits. Or at least happier days. Okay, so the 4.9 increase in overall giving that nonprofit software and services provider Blackbaud announced in its 2013 Charitable Giving Report isn’t as […]

Board Ts and Ts

Within the nonprofit sector, three words – time, talent, and treasure (sometimes restated as work, wisdom, and wealth) – are used as a short-hand definition of board members’ contributions to mission fulfillment with economic vitality. And for good reason. The word trio describes to a “t” what organizational heads want from the individuals sitting around […]