These things I still believe about fundraising as ministry

Earlier this fall, I agreed to contribute to a book project sponsored by the Christian Leadership Alliance. Tentatively titled A Stewardship Primer, the aim is to offer the basics of stewardship theology and practice to CEOs, development staff, and board members of faith-based nonprofits. My chapter focuses on growing the heart of the giver, a […]

Hot August tips for campaign success in faith-based settings

There they were, 17 earnest Episcopalians, gathered in the basement of the Cathedral building on a hot August evening to talk about fundraising. With a capital campaign on the horizon, Vestry members were on the hunt for professional counsel and so there I was, peddling my development know-how. Included in my pearls of wisdom to […]

For major gifts, in the IRS we trust.

Tax day has come late this year, giving nonprofits a little extra time to tout the benefits of charitable giving as a way of avoiding the big hand of Uncle Sam. A whole lot of fundraisers – including within faith based organizations – truly believe that without the incentive of a tax deduction, giving would drop like a proverbial stone. […]

Advice to boards: In bad economic times, keep on doing the same good things

When asked what boards of faith-based nonprofits should be doing in these tough economic times, I respond: What you should have been doing all along. In good times and in bad, the chief duty of a board is to lead with the best possible governance. My charge to boards of theological schools in a recent issue of In […]