Sometimes not-doing is the best thing to do

With the June 30 fiscal year-end barreling down on them like an out of control locomotive, it’s no surprise that a whole lot of nonprofit folk are exhausted. The last leg of the annual race for the gold is the most taxing, always, and weariness is to be expected. Fortunately, quieter days in July and […]

Happy (fiscal) New Year, really

To fundraisers working for organizations with a July 1 to June 30 fiscal year, I know your pain. Forget what T.S. Eliot said about April. This is the cruelest season. (Plug in your fiscal year-end if it’s other than June 30 and continue reading.) Like Sisyphus and his boulder, just as you reach the summit, […]

As you plan in your endings, so shall it be in your beginnings.

If you’re among the thousands of nonprofit leaders staring into a June 30 fiscal year-end, you’re probably not thinking beyond the next two weeks. I see you out there – hanging on and hoping to finish out FY13 with your pride intact. Planning for the fiscal year to come is likely the last thing on […]

Summer projects to make your fundraising program more productive (part one)

Today’s e-newsletter from This Old House includes a list of summer projects for the weekend DIYer. That got me thinking. What might a summer spruce-up schedule look like for This Old Fundraising Program? Here’s my shot at a list of projects for development DIYers, one for each week between now and Labor Day. The suggested […]