How many fundraisers does it take to change a world?

“Here’s a development question for you,” wrote a pastor friend from Canada. “ It seems to me as if there has been an explosion of ‘development’ or ‘advancement’ positions in the nonprofit world over the past few years. Perhaps my perception is inaccurate, but if I’m correct, I wonder if this increase is making a […]

To your own self, be generous

A spring schedule of almost nonstop consulting has been good for my business, but not so much for my soul. Which likely explains why a blog post by Salvation Army Commissioner Nancy Roberts hit me straight in the heart.  Although directed to Wesleyan Holiness Women Clergy, her words apply to women (and men) called to the ministry of fundraising (and consulting about […]

Procrastinators, read this NOW, not later!

This past week, two of my favorite bloggers, Seth Godin and Steve Thomas, both gave the nod to Steven Pressfield’s Do the Work. That piqued my interest, so I clicked on over to to check out the book for myself. A few pages into the sample sections, I’m hooked (and squirming like a worm). The chapters on beginning and resistance are […]

Let’s talk about crunch time for nonprofits

I’m known for urging leaders in faith-based nonprofits to grab hold of the promise of God’s amazing abundance. I encourage folks to tune out messages of scarcity and to avoid the hang-dog, poor-us presentation of many ministry organizations these days.   Yet I’m also quick to caution that a casual overconfidence in God’s sufficiency is equally destructive to Christian […]

The accidental stewardship educator

In my experience, it’s the unusual newcomer to fundraising for a faith-based organization that thinks of him or herself as called to ministry. And when it comes to CEOs and boards, even fewer conceive of fundraising as a spiritual activity.  Yet many Christians report that their most intimate conversations about faith and money have been with development staff of a religiously affiliated […]