6 things you need to know about fundraising

“How can we get more people to support our organization? We’re working hard but not seeing the results we need.” The caller’s frustration was palpable –and familiar. Over the years, I’ve been asked variations of his question by countless CEOs and board members. Short on cash and time, ministry leaders are on the hunt for […]

There really isn’t anything new under the sun or in fundraising

Despite the mountains of fundraising advice that’s churned out daily via blogs and other online venues, remarkably little of what’s being written is new. Whether in 140 characters or full-length articles, what passes as counsel these days is more derivative than innovative. That’s the reminder from Steve MacLaughlin, director of Blackbaud’s Idea Lab, in a […]

Out of the mouths of donors

The following list of dos and don’ts for working with major donors comes complements three couples whose generosity is legend within Anabaptist circles. When they speak, fundraisers listen. And speak they did at a recent Mennonite Foundation-sponsored conference on fundraising. Here’s my summary of their heartfelt and helpful advice. WHEN WORKING WITH MAJOR DONORS, DO […]

On fishing and fundraising

This past Saturday (April 2) marked the opening of trout season in south central Pennsylvania — the neck of the Commonwealth that I call home. The sight of usually sensible folks standing waste-deep in icy water on the hope of an early catch isn’t my idea of weekend fun. I do, however, admire their dedication to going where the fish are. Watching them […]