The answer isn’t always “raise more money”

When funds are tight (as is true for the most nonprofits, faith-based included) hopes are pinned on the development program. I hear it all the time in boardroom discussions or as I talk with weary ministry heads. “If we can just raise more money, we can (fill in the blank).” Fundraising is the non-profit community’s […]

Don’t worry if you missed the year-end giving rush. Generosity hasn’t gone away.

Over the coming months, I look forward to exploring with Generous Matters readers some of the myths and silly tales that inform the way development staff, CEOs, and board members think about and approach fundraising. I do so knowing that old ways aren’t given up easily and that fundraisers are firm in believing the “true […]

The problem with giving as a proxy for board effectiveness

If you’re a board member, you’ve likely heard what I consider one of the lamest rationales out there for your giving. And if you are a nonprofit CEO, I’m betting you’ve passed along this sorry case for board members’ financial support of the organization. I’m talking about the much ballyhooed link between percentage of board […]