Six questions to ask and answer before seeking my advice

“What do you think about giving clubs? I’ve noticed that lots of nonprofits have them.” “Our board thinks we should start an endowment program. What’s your advice?” “I’ve been hearing a lot about crowdfunding. Is that something we should try?” Several times a month, I get questions like these from harried fundraisers on the hunt […]

Once in a while, too good is actually true

You’ve likely heard that if something seems too good to be true, it likely is. But here’s an exception to the rule that you can take to the bank. Getting out of the office, every week, for one-on-ones with past, present, and potential donors will boost total dollars raised by your organization. Guaranteed. Year after […]

When fundraisers do the darndest things

The last thing CEOs or board members of faith-based nonprofits want to see is their organization in a consumer advocate’s hot seat. But that’s exactly where World Vision Canada found itself recently. Donors, angry over being told their monthly gifts would be increased by $4 unless they said no, ratted World Vision out to The […]

Movie Mondays help fundraisers improve their moves

I just discovered an amazing resource that development officers everywhere — and most especially those in small to mid-size fundraising shops — are going to love. It’s called Movie Mondays and here’s how it works. (Please don’t tell me I’m the last kid on my block to hear about this. I’ll be crushed.) Christopher Davenport, the guy behind Movie Mondays, […]