This one thing for year-end fundraising success: focus

FOCUS. During this jolly, holly time of year, staying the course isn’t easy. Distractions lurk around every corner. The siren call of one more good idea or activity tempts. However, when fundraising success at year-end is your goal, you dare not/must not be pulled this way and that by the events of the day — […]

My three words for your 2017 fundraising success

In the week since I chose and announced to the world my three words for 2017, several times the trio has crept into conversations with the good folk with whom I work as a fundraising consultant. Not that I’m surprised. Curiosity, courage, and grace, all three, are key to success in raising money. Hear me […]

6 things you need to know about fundraising

“How can we get more people to support our organization? We’re working hard but not seeing the results we need.” The caller’s frustration was palpable –and familiar. Over the years, I’ve been asked variations of his question by countless CEOs and board members. Short on cash and time, ministry leaders are on the hunt for […]

Once in a while, too good is actually true

You’ve likely heard that if something seems too good to be true, it likely is. But here’s an exception to the rule that you can take to the bank. Getting out of the office, every week, for one-on-ones with past, present, and potential donors will boost total dollars raised by your organization. Guaranteed. Year after […]

How many fundraisers does it take to change a world?

“Here’s a development question for you,” wrote a pastor friend from Canada. “ It seems to me as if there has been an explosion of ‘development’ or ‘advancement’ positions in the nonprofit world over the past few years. Perhaps my perception is inaccurate, but if I’m correct, I wonder if this increase is making a […]

Oh where, oh where is the proud fundraising board?

It’s like pulling hen’s teeth to pry a good word about fundraising out of board members’ mouths. But I don’t let that stop me. I’m on the hunt for boards that go proudly into the development fray. A rare breed, to be sure, but they’re out there — or so I want to believe.  

For uncommon fundraising results, use uncommon sense

With a new charity birthed every 24 seconds (or so it seems), it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd. Case in point: Google the words charity, clean, and water.  Or try AIDS orphans or teen moms or micro-finance, or . . . you choose the search terms. The results are the same. […]