Testing your board’s campaign readiness

At the first hint that a major gifts or capital campaign is in the cards for an organization– even if the launch date is a year or two into the future — board members should begin immediately to prepare themselves for their leadership role. As many an expert on governance has observed, as the board performs, […]

Movie Mondays help fundraisers improve their moves

I just discovered an amazing resource that development officers everywhere — and most especially those in small to mid-size fundraising shops — are going to love. It’s called Movie Mondays and here’s how it works. (Please don’t tell me I’m the last kid on my block to hear about this. I’ll be crushed.) Christopher Davenport, the guy behind Movie Mondays, […]

Friday afternoon reflections on another week of generous matters

Matching walk to talk – My friend Mark Vincent’s caution about using “Christian” as an adjective isn’t just for business owners. His words have application for fundraisers well. Swap out “fundraiser” for “business” and “donors” for “customers,” and you get the point. I hear “Christian business” and I want (expect) standards to be higher. I suspect most everyone else does as well. […]