Generosity in quotes: Christian Smith and Michael Emerson

“In order to achieve dramatic, world-transforming change, ordinary American Christians simply need to do one thing: start giving reasonably generously from their incomes, let us say 10 percent of post-tax income. Fostering such changes could begin immediately. It would not require getting Congress or the United Nations to act. It would not require a military […]

Generosity in quotes: Jeff Goins

“The question of legacy isn’t a matter of if you live long enough or when you retire; it’s a matter of what you will do with what you have right now. You don’t have to earn a living for thirty years to turn around and spend the next thirty giving it away. If significance is […]

Generosity in action: Shovel it forward campaign

It’s been an especially snowy winter across great swaths of North America and with each snowfall has come opportunities for generosity in action. That’s the theme of the “shovel it forward” campaign from Canadian Tire. As the caption on the YouTube video reads, “Acts of kindness, like shovelling snow for a neighbour, make Canadians who […]

Generosity in quotes: T. J. Addington

“A meal to those who need it, praying for those who are hurting, a visit to someone in the hospital or retirement home, a word of encouragement. Everyone can be rich in good deeds. Each of us has certain skills that can be generously shared with others.” T. J. Addington, Senior Vice President with the […]

Generosity in action: Rosa’s Fresh Pizza

Customers at Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia are dishing up generosity a slice at a time, following the lead of the shop’s owner Mason Wartman. Here’s how it works. When paying for their food, customers are invited to add a dollar to the total, then write a message on a post-it note and stick it […]

Generosity in quotes: Roger Martin

“I think the best way to make the world a better place is to recognize that God, or whoever you happen to believe in as a higher power, does put people in your path and if more people just stooped to help whoever is in their path—not dedicating their entire life to the effort, just […]

Generosity in quotes: Seth Godin

“Sharing an idea you care about is a generous way to change your world for the better.” Seth Godin, author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker, from a blog post titled “You are what you share”

Tips for when to give, when to walk away, and how to feel good either way

Two articles on charitable giving were waiting in my in-box when I turned on my computer this morning. One provided 4 tips for how to say no to charity pleas of the season “without being a Scrooge.” The other cited “5 ways to maximize your happiness when giving.” Interestingly, although the starting points for the […]

Do you know generosity when you see it?

Generosity is on my mind as I prep for an upcoming conference presentation. In the midst of my pondering, it has occurred to me that generosity is similar to pornography. In both instances, although difficult to define, we know it when we see it. Fortunately, there ends the unfortunate comparison. ALL EYES ON GENEROSITY If […]

Generosity in quotes: Seth Godin

Here’s conventional wisdom: Success makes you happy. Happiness permits you to be generous. In fact, it actually works like this: Generosity makes you happy. Happy people are more likely to be successful. Seth Godin, marketing guru, author, and blogger extraordinaire, in a post titled “The generosity boomerang“