It’s okay to label yourself as generous. Really, it is.

I’m fascinated at how people are comfortable applying all sorts of labels to themselves – extrovert or introvert, energetic or laid-back, punctual or habitually late – but balk at generous. I noted this hesitancy most recently at a gathering of Christian stewardship leaders – the very folk I expect to be comfortable with the moniker. […]

Generosity in quotes

“The heart of Christian faith is gratitude. The heart of Christian hope is gratitude. The heart of Christian love is gratitude. The heart of the Christian life is gratitude. That gratitude is rooted in a sense that life is a gift, that life is good, that life is worth living. God’s goodness is the reason to be […]

Movie Mondays help fundraisers improve their moves

I just discovered an amazing resource that development officers everywhere — and most especially those in small to mid-size fundraising shops — are going to love. It’s called Movie Mondays and here’s how it works. (Please don’t tell me I’m the last kid on my block to hear about this. I’ll be crushed.) Christopher Davenport, the guy behind Movie Mondays, […]