If not in church, then where will “nones” learn to give?

A friend who is both the president of a Christian college and a proud grandfather talked about spending a recent Sunday morning on a lacrosse field along with hundreds of young players – his grandson among them – and their families. “I doubt that more than a handful of those parents had church on their […]

A challenge to pastors: embrace the ministry of fundraising

Over the years, I’ve sat through hundreds of prospect review sessions where the giving records of faithful supporters are analyzed down to the dollar. Bumps in giving are cheered, declines worried over, and the next ask planned with care. No one frets that donor files are regularly reviewed by the “right” people. Information is, after […]

For faith and generosity, it’s déjà vu all over again.

The folks over the Chronicle of Philanthropy have just released a special report titled “How America Gives,” and surprise, surprise, faith is a major factor in the findings. As has been the case in every study ever done of philanthropic activity in these United States, the religious shine. When it comes to the faith and […]

Here is the church. Here is the steeple. Open the doors. Where are the givers?

Despite a whopping $290 billion in charitable giving in 2010, individual donors are no more generous now than when giving data was first collected some 40 years ago – a finding that has the U.S. nonprofit sector in a dither. Fortunately, our nation’s philanthropic intelligentsia are on the case. This past June, 36 nonprofit leaders, […]