Speaking of money in church

The spring issue of Leadership Journal had me with the cover and then continued to reel me in with article after article on two of my favorite topics – money and ministry. I could have done without the tagline, “Funding your ministry without losing your soul.” But I understand the editors’ dilemma. It’s likely the […]

Debtors don’t donors make, unless . . .

It’s commencement season on college and university campuses across America. That wonderful time of year when starry-eyed graduates march into life to the strains of Pomp and Circumstance, diplomas in hand, dreams in their hearts, and a dark cloud of debt over their heads. Sorry for raining on the graduation parade with my mention of […]

What the kids should know about your finances

During tough economic times, it’s understandable if parents shield their kids from the harsher facts of the family’s financial life. Growing up is hard enough. No need to stress the young ones out about money. But think again, writes Wall Street Journal columnist Demetria Gallegos. It’s not a totally negative thing for children to “learn […]

Generosity in quotes

“Perhaps this weekend you can find time to cook a meal not because you have to get food on the table but because you want to prepare something, make something, that gives delight. Or perhaps you can pull some weeds or plant some seeds in the garden. Or maybe you can do some finger painting […]

Generosity in quotes

“Hope loves company. . . Misery improves nothing. I feel that this simple statement is at the heart of why we volunteer our time, energy, and money so freely to the worthy causes in our lives. It’s not so much that we’re trying to make a difference (though this is of course part of the […]

Teach your children (to give) well

I have to chuckle when non-church folks trot out as something new, a bit of wisdom that’s well-known and long-followed in religious circles. Consider for example an article from Reuters Wealth highlighting the role of parents in shaping kids as “charity champions.”    The writer’s advice to moms and dads? Generous is as generous sees. Perhaps the most important […]

Friday afternoon reflections on another week of generous matters

    To Will and Kate, with best wishes. Earlier today, I tore myself away from the telly just long enough to click over to the charitable gift fund that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (aka Will and Kate) established soon after announcing their engagement to the world. I selected “children fulfilling their potential” and […]

Giving is a lousy wealth buiding strategy

It’s become a rite of tax season at our house. My husband wraps up his prep work with the benediction, “If we didn’t give so much, we would have a lot more money.” I nod and we move on. There’s nothing to discuss. Giving is a lousy wealth building strategy, regardless who you are. (Case […]

What would John Wesley tell Albert Pujols to do?

This week’s Christian Century reports on trouble brewing in St. Louis among Cardinals fans who also are evangelical Christians. Some, including a Presbyterian pastor turned tweeter, worry that superstar Albert Pujols risks tarnishing his Christian image with too aggressive bargaining tactics. Others think Pujols should grab as much as he can get and then use his millions […]

Down to their last tithe

Shame on the editors of Christianity Today magazine for leveling one more kick to the shin of church folks who’ve hit a rough patch on the road of life by asking if “the jobless” should tithe on their unemployment checks. And double shame for what the question  implies — that the rest of us are cheerfully handing […]