Cadence, the 20 Mile March, and God’s abundance

Today I begin work with a strategic planning committee at a nearby faith-based nonprofit. As is true for virtually all organizations of its type, there are serious issues to be addressed ASAP and patience is running thin even before the planning has commenced. Although not included among the deliverables listed in my letter of agreement […]

Generosity in quotes

“The missional church proclaims the good news that God is actively engaged in the world and that God is ready and willing to use us to accomplish God’s purposes. This is a tremendous privilege! Obviously, God could accomplish what ever God wants without our assistance, but God has chosen to use us as agents for […]

Generosity in quotes

“The Spirit moves us, as a community, to invite all people into our circle of abundance, trusting that through our sharing God will provide for the needs of all. As Americans, this call to share is even more fervent, because we are very rich with material wealth and resources. God’s abundance, and our understanding of […]

Channelling Walter Brueggemann

It’s amazing the fantastic stewardship resources available at no charge and a mere computer click away on denominational websites. My latest find is a series of short (6 to 8 minute) video-taped conversations between renowned Old Testament scholar and stewardship teacher par excellence, Walter Brueggemann and Laurel Johnston, program officer for stewardship for the Episcopal […]