Generosity in quotes: Alexandra Kuykendall

“It’s [the] small moments where the choice lies. Right in between the beautiful and the boring. These small moments determine how we want to view, even live, our days. With disappointment and criticism or with gratitude for the goodness that we can’t run from. God’s goodness that follows us to every corner of our mundane […]

Generosity in quotes: Shelley Cunningham

“During times of waiting, we need words that give us something in which to believe. The next time you find yourself waiting, try breathing deeply. Imagine the Holy Spirit filling you with patience and peace. And trust that God’s goodness will come.” Shelley Cunningham, pastor of Zumbro Lutheran Church Rochester, MN, from Luther Seminary’s God […]

Generosity in quotes: Karen Cox

Generous Giver, Thank you. Thank you for the earth that sustains me. Make me mindful of caring for it. Thank you for my life. Make me mindful of tending this body. Thank you for the talents given me. Make me generous with them. Thank you for your spirit within my soul. Open me to the […]

Generosity in quotes: David J. Lose

“. . . while optimism assumes things will soon get better, hope testifies that whether things get better or worse yet ultimately God’s good will for us and all creation will prevail. And rooted in that promise, we can take action today, standing with the good, opposing evil, and doing what we can, not because […]

Generosity in quotes

“The heart of Christian faith is gratitude. The heart of Christian hope is gratitude. The heart of Christian love is gratitude. The heart of the Christian life is gratitude. That gratitude is rooted in a sense that life is a gift, that life is good, that life is worth living. God’s goodness is the reason to be […]