IF you want to change your board, THEN . . .

The always insightful Seth Godin’s reminder via his blog that “all change involves an if/then promise” speaks to almost any aspect of organizational life. However, if you’re a regular reader of Generous Matters, then you expect me to apply Godin’s wise principle to board governance and/or fundraising. Not wanting to disappoint, that’s what I’ve done […]

Reviving theological schools (and other sagging nonprofits) the McDonald’s way

A Wall Street Journal article titled “How to Revive McDonald’s” is an unexpected source of wise words for leaders in theological education, but that’s what I found there. Okay, so having just spent two days with a seminary board likely influenced the way I read the piece. However, I think I would have picked up […]

10 proposals for upping your board’s value-added quotient

We nonprofit types tend not to look in the direction of corporate governance for advice, which is terribly short-sighted on our part. As governance guru Richard Leblanc illustrates in a hot-off-the-printer white paper, despite obvious differences in the raison d’être of the sectors, there’s cross-over wisdom aplenty. Good board work is good board work – […]

If a Harvard prof thinks trustees are a good idea . . .

It’s six weeks into the eight-week online course I’m teaching in Messiah College’s master’s in higher education program and I’ve yet to convince all 17 of my students that governing boards are a smart idea. That volunteers with limited involvement in the day-to-day are calling the shots for America’s colleges and universities doesn’t sit any […]