It matters who’s on the mountain with you (part 2)

A few posts back I suggested that for fundraisers, who it is that’s on the mountain with you makes a world of difference. The annual climb to the top of giving pyramid is a grueling, lonely, and sometimes perilous trek. What a blessing to find a hiking companion willing to go the distance with you. […]

It matters who’s on the mountain with you

While vacationing in North Carolina, my husband and I are enjoying the luxury of time for early morning walks. Or more accurately, early morning hikes. The terrain surrounding the cabin we’ve rented comes in three grades – steep, steeper, and steepest. No leisurely strolls in this neighborhood. Whatever direction we head,  it’s a full-scale cardiac […]

The adaptability to change, long life correlation

During the funeral service earlier this week for my 91 year-old mother-in-law, Jean Basinger Schumacher, her pastor identified adaptability to change as a unifying characteristic among old-old people. Family history, lifestyle, and economic status matter, but it seems that one’s approach to change counts most for length of days. Folks who roll with the punches […]

Innovation without (much) change

When talking innovation, CEOs and board members usually have in mind outside-the-box, over-the-moon, home-run kinds of initiatives. And woe to anyone who suggests that enhancements to “is” might reap a better return than chasing “could be.” It’s off with their heads. But hold the guillotine. This just in from the Harvard Business Review: Most of the […]

Cadence, the 20 Mile March, and God’s abundance

Today I begin work with a strategic planning committee at a nearby faith-based nonprofit. As is true for virtually all organizations of its type, there are serious issues to be addressed ASAP and patience is running thin even before the planning has commenced. Although not included among the deliverables listed in my letter of agreement […]

Reading it forward: A review of Great by Choice

For more than a decade, Jim Collins’ Good to Great and the companion monograph, Good to Great and the Social Sector have been staples in my consulting repertoire. Words, phrases, and longer quotes ala Collins pop up with frequency as I work with boards of faith-based nonprofits. In fact, it’s hard to imagine that Collins […]