Not your grandmother’s “egg money”

Over the past several decades, fundraisers have been encouraged to remember the ladies in their solicitation strategies. And for good reason. As the number of women attending college, pursuing careers, and starting businesses has increased, so has their ability to make substantial gifts. An article from the Stanford Social Innovation Review blog reports that Currently, […]

If I had a rich board, deedle, deedle, dum

Should you get big names and deep pockets on your board? This question from a LinkedIn discussion group left me scratching my head. What’s the alternative — a recruiting strategy aimed at no-name individuals with empty pockets? Doesn’t sound like a very hopeful plan. Nor is it necessary. It’s my experience that the better approach is to look for people with […]

A fundraising riddle that’s no joke

Here’s a riddle with a fundraising focus. What do faculty and other staff mock, students ignore as they walk, and development officers forget in their rush for the next big gift? Answer. The stories of generosity behind the names displayed on the front of campus buildings. If that’s what you shouted at the computer screen, […]

A seven-step plan for raising generous kids

For several years now, I’ve subscribed to the Family Giving News — a publication that bills itself as “the nation’s most widely read e-newsletter for giving families.” Although aimed at an audience living well above my pay-grade, the advice provided is almost always useful to any family for whom generous matters — including my own. […]