Organizational narcissism, World Vision, your ministry, and donor response

On the day that the faith-based charity giant World Vision (US) announced it had shifted its employment policies in the direction of same-sex marriage, the blogging team over at the Agitator (a daily must-read for me) posted an article titled “The Narcissistic Nonprofit.”  The two events had nothing to do with each other. But in […]

Finding fundraising as ministry in Luke’s Gospel

A commentary on the Gospel of Luke wasn’t where I expected to find affirmation of a key essential of fundraising as ministry, specifically the importance of maintaining a holistic perspective on kingdom work. (I often refer to this as the no-compete clause in fundraising as ministry.) But then again, I shouldn’t have been surprised. After […]

Two century-old fundraising wisdom from the second Mrs. Judson

Donor-centered fundraising has never been as important as it is now. Or so goes the buzz among development gurus. I’ve said as much myself – first in Growing Givers’ Hearts: Treating Fundraising as Ministry and then again (and again and again) in my interaction with clients. When it comes to nurturing loyal giving, nothing beats […]

Symbiotic mutualism and growing givers’ hearts

When fundraising is treated as ministry, organizational leaders don’t worry about the proliferation of good causes to which people can give their time, talent, and treasure. In Kingdom company, there’s no hint of a competitive spirit. In fact, the fast growing community of organizations operating under the banner of Christ is heralded as a benefit. […]

The very reason for fundraising as ministry

When looking for proof texts in support of their craft, fundraisers of faith know they can depend on the Apostle Paul. The Old Testament prophets, along with the Psalmist(s), are other mother lodes of useful passages. And of course there’s Jesus. He had a lot to say on the subjects of money, possessions, and our […]

Reflections from a generous giver on asking, thanking, and growing donors’ hearts

The following reflections on money, faith, and fundraising as ministry come from Don Meyer, a Buffalo, NY businessman whose generosity is well-known in Christian circles. When Don speaks, ministry leaders listen. And speak he did at a recent meeting of the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) International board, on which I serve alongside Don’s wife, the […]

It’s about time.

If you can have just one of the following from members of your board or others who care deeply about your organization, which would it be? Time Talent Treasure And what if your goal is to encourage even greater generosity in these same folks, on which will you focus? Time Talent Treasure If you chose […]

Remembering my father, who taught me well that generous matters.

Over the years, I’ve been blessed by stories of godly parents and grandparents who both talked the talk and walked the walk of generosity. This includes the following tale told to Thom Jeavons and me as we did research for our book,  Growing Givers’ Hearts: Treating Fundraising as Ministry. A woman recalled learning about tithing […]

When fundraisers do the darndest things

The last thing CEOs or board members of faith-based nonprofits want to see is their organization in a consumer advocate’s hot seat. But that’s exactly where World Vision Canada found itself recently. Donors, angry over being told their monthly gifts would be increased by $4 unless they said no, ratted World Vision out to The […]

Three reasons for focusing on givers’ hearts

About a year ago, my friend Mark Vincent, then serving as interim CEO for the Christian Leadership Alliance, invited a group of writers (yours truly included) to “boil down the key aspects of what you’ve been bringing to field into its powerful and focused essentials” into a book chapter. The resulting volume, Becoming a Steward […]