When board members go AWOL between meetings, try this.

The complaint I hear more than any other from nonprofit execs and/or board chairs is this: Board members disappear between meetings. Poof! They’re gone. Most can’t even be bothered to respond to my message with a one-word reply: “received.” Sound familiar? If so, I point you in the direction of a Harvard Business Review article […]

If you want to be appreciated, act like it.

You’ve likely heard it said that Millennials crave appreciation and without it, they struggle in the work place. But truth be told, that pretty much describes all of us, regardless generational label or spot within the organizational pecking order. An affirming word from the boss makes a gray day sunny and a tough job tolerable. […]

It’s seldom one or the other, but it could be

Either/or thinking drives me crazy, which helps explain my frequent dissents into madness (professionally speaking). Almost weekly, an exhausted executive director, overwhelmed development staffer, or out-of-breath board member gives me that “deer in the headlights” look when I suggest that the organization try walking and chewing gum simultaneously (metaphorically speaking). “Which should it be?” they […]

Innovation without (much) change

When talking innovation, CEOs and board members usually have in mind outside-the-box, over-the-moon, home-run kinds of initiatives. And woe to anyone who suggests that enhancements to “is” might reap a better return than chasing “could be.” It’s off with their heads. But hold the guillotine. This just in from the Harvard Business Review: Most of the […]

Liar, liar, e-mails on fire

Here’s a troubling (and convicting) factoid about truth and e-mails from the April 2012 Harvard Business Review. Online communication appears to bring out the liar in even the best of us.In an experiment involving 15-minute conversations between 110 pairs of undergraduate students, University of Massachusetts Amherst researchers found that “people conversing by e-mail told five […]