Shared governance and the cooperation instinct

You probably don’t think of Discover, a magazine devoted to science, technology, and the future, as a likely source of governance advice. But that’s what the December issue brought my way via the cover article titled “The Cooperation Instinct: Why Evolution Favors Nice Guys.” To be fair, author Kristin Ohlson would (rightfully) be surprised by […]

Counting shared governance chicks as they hatch

As my adventure in online teaching comes to a close, excuse me for clucking like a proud mother hen. In eight short weeks, the  “chicks” in HIED 512: Organizational Culture and Governance have gone from knowing almost nothing about shared governance to being able to make a strong case for it. I’ve pulled the following […]

If a Harvard prof thinks trustees are a good idea . . .

It’s six weeks into the eight-week online course I’m teaching in Messiah College’s master’s in higher education program and I’ve yet to convince all 17 of my students that governing boards are a smart idea. That volunteers with limited involvement in the day-to-day are calling the shots for America’s colleges and universities doesn’t sit any […]

A fundraising riddle that’s no joke

Here’s a riddle with a fundraising focus. What do faculty and other staff mock, students ignore as they walk, and development officers forget in their rush for the next big gift? Answer. The stories of generosity behind the names displayed on the front of campus buildings. If that’s what you shouted at the computer screen, […]