The importance of keeping the lights on

I shudder when I hear fundraisers declare with gospel fervor that raising money for ongoing support is a lost cause — which means I shudder a lot. And when everything operational is rolled into the dismissive phrase “keeping the lights on,” I go apoplectic. How otherwise reasonable people fail to appreciate the connection between infrastructure […]

At long last, overhead expenses get some respect

Several times a year, I watch as board members and ministry staff struggle to keep overhead expenses as low as possible. Never mind that most nonprofits have already stripped administrative lines to the bone. Overhead can’t be too lean, or so conventional wisdom tells us. And if a brave CEO suggests pumping up the budget […]

4 tips for minimizing risk when selecting a donor management system

Infrastructure. For most folks, the topic is about as exciting as underwear. No one wants to talk about infrastructure, let alone pay for it. But ignore infrastructure, and you doom your best laid plans for fundraising success to failure. Topping the list of infrastructure essentials – just after budget and staff – is your donor […]