Generosity in quotes: Rose Herceg

“Every one of us, each and every day, has the chance to do something worthy. But most of us look the other way. Not because we’re unkind or cold-hearted, but usually because we’re a little lazy or too wrapped up in our own worlds. . . If you are in a position to help, then […]

Generosity in quotes: Anne Lamott

“My personal belief is that God looks through Her Rolodex when She has a certain kind of desperate person in Her care, and assigns that person to some screwed up soul like you or me, and makes it hard for us to ignore that person’s suffering, so we show up even when it is extremely […]

Generosity in action: shoes for the shoeless

If you missed this heart-warming story of generosity in action as reported by Canadian television and then picked up by Christian Century magazine, read and be encouraged. Passengers on a bus in Winnipeg, Manitoba, were stunned on a cool morning early this fall when their driver stopped the bus, got out and called to a […]