Gifts that feel like a million bucks

Because really big gifts – one-time donations of $1 million or more – get the really big press, there’s a misperception that giving on so grand a scale is increasingly commonplace. Truth be told, 7-figure (and more) gifts are far from the norm. There were just 1,955 such donations worldwide in 2012. That’s the headline […]

Four tactics for taking your messaging beyond sound bites

I’ve yet to be on the board of a ministry organization that did just one thing. So I know the challenge of summing up in a sound-bite-sized portion, a banquet-sized mission. In today’s fast food culture, would-be donors aren’t likely to hang around for a gourmet-quality explanation of your work. Serve it up quick or […]

Reflections on another week of generous matters

 App generosity. In previous posts, I’ve stated my awe of today’s young philanthropists whose entrepreneurial approach to doing good is transforming the meaning of time, treasure, and talent. This includes Jeff Martin, Kamael Ann Sugrim, and Debbie Clifford, the trio behind mPowering, a nonprofit that seeks “to help the poor help themselves out of poverty by combining mobile […]