Generosity in quotes: Patrick Johnson

“I heard a pastor once say that giving is to materialism as kyrptonite is to Superman. Indeed, one of the amazing benefits of living generously is that it frees us from the ruin and harmful desires caused by our love of money. So let us pursue a generous spirit and avoid being ruined by a desire for […]

Commentary on the state of our union with money

Questioning the worth of wealth. According to psychology prof Barry Schwartz,  “the role of material success in well-being is an unsettled matter.” Money does buy happiness, but within limits.  Above $75,000 or so, the joy of more begins to taper off, and especially so when material success is a person’s ultimate goal. “Increases in material […]

Generosity in quotes

“The Advent season plays out against the backdrop of a materialistic culture at its gaudiest, most materialistic, most vulgar; the season’s advertising will appeal to the least attractive human characteristics — greed and pride and our need to affirm ourselves by what we buy and consume. Advent responds by reminding us that a child will […]