To be a difference maker, volunteer for the board development committee.

The finance committee is frequently the seat of power within a board. You know, they that control the gold, rule. And board members clamor for a place on the program committee. That’s where the mission is. However, to folks who fancy themselves as difference makers, I recommend the board development (aka nominating) committee. I see […]

Winners don’t tell fad stories

When times are tough, as is the lot of many nonprofits, it’s tempting to chase the next best management theory, fundraising strategy, or planning model. Who knows? That big idea could be the one that saves the day. In contrast, leaders in high-functioning organizations do more than hope for the best. They create their own […]

Avoid the trap of “maybe gifts” and mission drift

I heard it again on my last trip out —  a proposal to expand an organization’s mission packaged as a development strategy. “By launching X, we’ll open the organization to a whole new group of donors,” the executive director said with more conviction than evidence. Never mind that the organization’s strategic plan included nary a […]