Generosity in quotes

“Paul thinks everything we have is the result of God’s grace, that the material and the spiritual are tied together, and that our responsibility is to see that God’s grace is such that our duty is to pass the grace — we get in order to give. God rescues us and we respond materially, and […]

10 things pastors should remember about giving

Unless you’ve been asleep for the past 20 years or so,  you’ve likely heard about the not-so-funny thing that’s happened on the way to church.  Research reports, one after another, tell us that North America’s pastors have decided not to talk about money. Except for the once-a-year obligatory stewardship sermon, seldom is heard an encouraging […]

Channelling Walter Brueggemann

It’s amazing the fantastic stewardship resources available at no charge and a mere computer click away on denominational websites. My latest find is a series of short (6 to 8 minute) video-taped conversations between renowned Old Testament scholar and stewardship teacher par excellence, Walter Brueggemann and Laurel Johnston, program officer for stewardship for the Episcopal […]