Named gifts, posthumous reputations, and judgment day

I didn’t expect to bump into fundraising in the pages of Michael Kinsley’s touching, funny book, Old Age: A Beginner’s Guide. But there it was, capping off his chapter-long riff on the Boomer Generation’s quest for immortality. Kinsley latches on to a favorite of the non-profit world – the named gift (a modern-day “indulgence,” in […]

Appreciating philanthropists as they appreciate you

I wasn’t expecting a shout out to named gift opportunities in the middle of a lecture about the humanities. Imagine my delight, then, when the speaker spoke appreciatively of the donor recognition plaques lining the hallways of Messiah College’s newly opened Calvin and Janet High Center for Worship and Performing Arts. To hear a humanities […]

A fundraising riddle that’s no joke

Here’s a riddle with a fundraising focus. What do faculty and other staff mock, students ignore as they walk, and development officers forget in their rush for the next big gift? Answer. The stories of generosity behind the names displayed on the front of campus buildings. If that’s what you shouted at the computer screen, […]