When building a donor base, watch the coming in and going out

Walking along-side the leadership teams of a couple of start-up ministries has given me a renewed appreciation for the hard work of building a support base. I also see the joy with which these social entrepreneurs receive each gift. In the early years of a nonprofit, every donor and his/her gift count and are counted […]

Ask, and a helpful mission statement will be given you.

At the moment, I’m up to my eyeballs in policy work for the board that I chair. A trio of us are slogging away on ends policies – those few pithy statements that, in the words of John Carver (our governance guru), proclaim the differences the organization makes, for which beneficiaries, and at what cost. […]

Answers to questions about boards and fundraising

Whenever two or three nonprofit executives gather together, fundraising and board members are sure to come up. And based on conversations to which I’ve been privy, there’s not a lot of bragging going on. In fact, most of the nonprofit leaders with whom I work assume that every other board in town (the nation, maybe […]

Turning fundraising losses into gains with the help of old friends

This just in from the Association of Fundraising Professionals: 2011 was a tough year for America’s nonprofit community. That’s the word based on an analysis of fundraising data from 3,184 respondents covering year-to-year fundraising results for 2010 and 2011. According to the 2012 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey: Every $100 gained in 2011 was offset by $100 […]