Deciding who should sit on your board

Should donors ever sit on your board? This headline to a Nonprofit Quarterly blog asked the oddest questions I’ve seen in a long while. “Who else would you want on your board?” I muttered to myself. With the gold standard for giving by board members set at 100 percent of the membership, there shouldn’t be […]

Generosity in quotes

“Hope loves company. . . Misery improves nothing. I feel that this simple statement is at the heart of why we volunteer our time, energy, and money so freely to the worthy causes in our lives. It’s not so much that we’re trying to make a difference (though this is of course part of the […]

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the fairest board of all?

I pride myself on keeping current with research in my areas of scholarship – board governance, fundraising, and organizational effectiveness. So imagine my dismay at only recently discovering an important work on nonprofit boards that’s been available for four years.  It took the spring issue of The Nonprofit Quarterly to put me on to Francie Ostrower’s amazing research project, Nonprofit […]

Let’s talk about crunch time for nonprofits

I’m known for urging leaders in faith-based nonprofits to grab hold of the promise of God’s amazing abundance. I encourage folks to tune out messages of scarcity and to avoid the hang-dog, poor-us presentation of many ministry organizations these days.   Yet I’m also quick to caution that a casual overconfidence in God’s sufficiency is equally destructive to Christian […]