And now for a kick in the ask

If Giving USA and other such reports are believed, this is the best of times for fundraisers and the good causes for which they work. Donors dug deep in 2015 (the most recent year for which giving numbers are available), doling out a whopping $373.25 billion to their favorite causes. Individual donors upped their gifts […]

Surviving, thriving, and six degrees of separation

More than 10% of the nonprofits are technically insolvent (i.e., their liabilities exceed their assets), including 18% in health and human services (in terms of service volume, these non-profits account for 8% and 11%, respectively). Many of these organizations are limping from payroll to payroll with less than a month of cash, effectively borrowing from […]

10 resolutions for the nonprofit sector in 2012

Everywhere you look this week, someone or another is touting their best intentions for improvement in the coming year. Not to be outdone, the Chronicle of Philanthropy invited members of its LinkedIn discussion group to submit their resolutions for the nonprofit world in 2012. Here’s a sampling of the responses to date. In 2012, we […]