Turning fundraising losses into gains with the help of old friends

This just in from the Association of Fundraising Professionals: 2011 was a tough year for America’s nonprofit community. That’s the word based on an analysis of fundraising data from 3,184 respondents covering year-to-year fundraising results for 2010 and 2011. According to the 2012 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey: Every $100 gained in 2011 was offset by $100 […]

Tales of donations almost derailed by technology

Unless you’re a 21st century Rip Van Winkle, you’ve likely heard technology touted as the fundraiser’s new best friend. What you may have missed is that technology is also a tease. Just when think you’ve achieved techno-Nirvana, up pops another possibility. A nifty new function. An emerging platform. Yesterday’s hot innovation is today’s yawn. Fearful […]

Five timely resources for social media challenged nonprofits

There’s nothing new in the news that social media is where “it’s” at. Never mind that most of the folks delivering that news aren’t completely certain themselves what “it” is. This we believe. If our organizations aren’t operating from robust social platforms, we’re sunk – or soon will be. If all the technology choices are […]

Generosity in quotes

“Perhaps of all the virtues hope is the most fragile, the most fleeting, the least concrete. Don’t forget that the Greek gods, at the very bottom of Pandora’s box of ills and troubles, placed hope. Hope it is that allows us to cope with the rest of life. Nonprofit organizations more than any other groups […]

Friday afternoon reflections on another week of generous matters

    So many choices, so little time. You know you should make better use of available technology. But finding time to seek out the best or most appropriate tools is a daunting challenge — especially for staffs of small and mid-size nonprofits. Enter the folks at Wild Apricot and their helpful blog. They’re generous enough to highlight other company’s web […]

Advice to boards: In bad economic times, keep on doing the same good things

When asked what boards of faith-based nonprofits should be doing in these tough economic times, I respond: What you should have been doing all along. In good times and in bad, the chief duty of a board is to lead with the best possible governance. My charge to boards of theological schools in a recent issue of In […]