This one thing for year-end fundraising success: make it easy

MAKE IT EASY. One of the oddities of the nonprofit world is that so many organizations make giving so hard for donors to do. Within a sector where mission fulfillment is funded largely by the gifts of generous folk, making it easy to give should be a priority. All the more so at year-end. These […]

Tales of donations almost derailed by technology

Unless you’re a 21st century Rip Van Winkle, you’ve likely heard technology touted as the fundraiser’s new best friend. What you may have missed is that technology is also a tease. Just when think you’ve achieved techno-Nirvana, up pops another possibility. A nifty new function. An emerging platform. Yesterday’s hot innovation is today’s yawn. Fearful […]

Five timely resources for social media challenged nonprofits

There’s nothing new in the news that social media is where “it’s” at. Never mind that most of the folks delivering that news aren’t completely certain themselves what “it” is. This we believe. If our organizations aren’t operating from robust social platforms, we’re sunk – or soon will be. If all the technology choices are […]

Friday reflections on another week of Generous Matters

Lose the rubber stamp. Charity Navigator has handed members of nonprofit governing boards yet another reason to up their game. The watchdog group recently revamped its rating system, attaching equal weight to good governance and financial oversight. As reported in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, the folks at Charity Navigator hope the change will “nudge nonprofits […]

Speaking up for high touch in a high tech world

Can someone please get John Naisbitt on the line? For more than 30 years, his notion of high tech/high touch has held sway. But now, as  social media takes the world by storm, the idea of touch seems as passe as a rotary dial telephone. Even the smallest, most grassroots-bound nonprofits are being urged (dragged) on to the technology band wagon. The push […]