A challenge to pastors: embrace the ministry of fundraising

Over the years, I’ve sat through hundreds of prospect review sessions where the giving records of faithful supporters are analyzed down to the dollar. Bumps in giving are cheered, declines worried over, and the next ask planned with care. No one frets that donor files are regularly reviewed by the “right” people. Information is, after […]

Speaking of money in church

The spring issue of Leadership Journal had me with the cover and then continued to reel me in with article after article on two of my favorite topics – money and ministry. I could have done without the tagline, “Funding your ministry without losing your soul.” But I understand the editors’ dilemma. It’s likely the […]

10 things pastors should remember about giving

Unless you’ve been asleep for the past 20 years or so,  you’ve likely heard about the not-so-funny thing that’s happened on the way to church.  Research reports, one after another, tell us that North America’s pastors have decided not to talk about money. Except for the once-a-year obligatory stewardship sermon, seldom is heard an encouraging […]