Generosity in quotes: Peter Harris and Rod Wilson

“Philanthropy for Christians is first about people rather than about money, the possibility of relationship rather than resources. We must stand against anything that turns persons into wallets or friends into banks.”   Peter Harris, founder and president of A Rocha, and Rod Wilson, former president of Regent College, in Keeping Faith in Fundraising

Appreciating philanthropists as they appreciate you

I wasn’t expecting a shout out to named gift opportunities in the middle of a lecture about the humanities. Imagine my delight, then, when the speaker spoke appreciatively of the donor recognition plaques lining the hallways of Messiah College’s newly opened Calvin and Janet High Center for Worship and Performing Arts. To hear a humanities […]

Generosity in quotes

“If you have anything or if I have anything, it’s because it’s been given to us by our Creator. So I have learned to say, ‘Look, this is yours, God. It’s all yours. I’m going to give it to you. . .  I don’t care if you’re in business or out of business. God owns […]

A seven-step plan for raising generous kids

For several years now, I’ve subscribed to the Family Giving News — a publication that bills itself as “the nation’s most widely read e-newsletter for giving families.” Although aimed at an audience living well above my pay-grade, the advice provided is almost always useful to any family for whom generous matters — including my own. […]

Reflections on another week of generous matters

 App generosity. In previous posts, I’ve stated my awe of today’s young philanthropists whose entrepreneurial approach to doing good is transforming the meaning of time, treasure, and talent. This includes Jeff Martin, Kamael Ann Sugrim, and Debbie Clifford, the trio behind mPowering, a nonprofit that seeks “to help the poor help themselves out of poverty by combining mobile […]

Happily ever after in the land of niche philanthropy

The land of niche philanthropy is a fascinating place, peopled by passionate folks committed to causes about which you probably haven’t heard and/or don’t much care (at least not yet). Consider the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. The message: cooking can kill. The goal: to place affordable and efficient cookstoves in a hundred million homes in […]

Who’s the richest of them all?

This just in from the Nonprofit Newswire –Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim Helu is the new reigning king of the big money mountain. Long-time champ Bill Gates is a distant second on the 2011 Forbes list of world billionaires.     But don’t cry for Bill, me amigos. Gates “didn’t lose the ‘richest man in the world’ […]