Give beyond today’s headlines

This past week, the world received a kick in its generosity pants when Typhoon Haiyan swept across the Philippines. News outlets and relief organizations have been all over the disaster, as well they should. The stories and photos coming out of places like Tacoblan, a storm-ravaged city in the central Philippines, are horrifying. There’s no […]

Generosity in quotes: Daphne Hollinger Fowler

“I see and understand poverty as not simply a lack of things. (Which of course then implies that our response is not as simple as merely giving things.) True poverty comes from really messed up relationships. From family members who don’t care to extend generosity to a sibling or son in need. From one ethnic […]

Putting (more of) our money where the poor are

In recent weeks, I’ve come to feel that a bigger chunk of the Basinger family largess should go to organizations that serve on behalf of the poor. It would be convenient to blame campaign rhetoric (thank goodness we’re done with that) for the tugging on my heart, but I’m pretty sure it’s the Holy Spirit […]

Reflections on another week of generous matters

 App generosity. In previous posts, I’ve stated my awe of today’s young philanthropists whose entrepreneurial approach to doing good is transforming the meaning of time, treasure, and talent. This includes Jeff Martin, Kamael Ann Sugrim, and Debbie Clifford, the trio behind mPowering, a nonprofit that seeks “to help the poor help themselves out of poverty by combining mobile […]