When money can’t buy comfort, there’s prayer

When tragedy strikes, we Americans are quick to show we care through our giving. In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, for example, concerned folks responded with $37.5 million worth of compassion, and the total continues to grow. In the case of the Haiti earthquake, it was $153 million within the first four days. From […]

In all thy (governance) ways, pray

When approached about serving on the board of a ministry organization, it’s pro forma that prospective members are asked to commit the invitation to prayer. Board members also are routinely admonished to pray faithfully for the organization and its needs. It’s less often, however, that board members receive encouragement to pray about the service to […]

Generosity in quotes

“How puny my hugs and tears before the magnitude of a friend’s grief. Is this all my presence can offer? In my own helplessness, I remember Jesus’ words: ‘For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them’ . . . Maybe Jesus’ words are really true. Maybe our physical presence […]

Calming words at the end of a chaotic week

“We are perpetually tempted to think it is our weight, our responsibility, our work. . . Pronouns often betray us. We speak glibly of ‘my’ work, our work, but it is always Christ’s work. . . Before we take up our holy calling, before we put our shoulders to the grindstone, before we make good […]